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Products and Services

Scientific Consilience - The Biocomputing Experts

In general, we combine major findings from several scientific disciplines to generate problem specific solutions.

Scientific Consilience has specialized in analyzing and simulating biological data and pharmaceutical characteristics. In contrast to the field of classical engineering these types of data sources have often several peculiarities like disproportionately high level of noise and measurement errors, unknown complex correlations, and finally, results are hard to interpret. Our products and services have a strong focus on computer aided biological and pharmaceutical research and scientific computing for biotechnological, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

Main objectives are

  • More accurate diagnostics
  • Substantially faster and less expensive drug development
  • Reduction of animal experiments (3R principle)

Besides our main products and services TrueSet and DSkin, which have been carefully compiled and developed for biomarker discovery and the simulation of transdermal absorption, we also

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