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Scientific Consilience - The Biocomputing Experts

Scientific Consilience GmbH is a German company for biocomputing and computational life sciences in a b2b (business to business) environment. Our motivation is (1) avoiding reality where tests are expensive and human analytical thinking is too restricted to cover all aspects, (2) using virtuality where approximative models promise accurate results, and (3) bring the results back to reality.

Scientific Consilience has specialized in analyzing and simulating biological data and pharmaceutical characteristics. We combine the major findings from various scientific disciplines to generate valuable and unique solutions with a strong focus on (statistical) data analysis, software and algorithm development.

Main objectives of our products and services are

  • More accurate diagnostics
  • Substantially faster and less expensive drug development
  • Reduction of animal experiments (3R principle)

Besides our main products and services Scientific Consilience is also a contract research organization. Our highly interdisciplinary team addresses your tasks on your behalf supporting you, e.g., to develop your products, to optimize existing items, or to save considerably costs.

Please contact us for your individual offer under

info (at)

or use our contact form to get in touch with us right now.