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The term biostatistics refers to statistical theory and methods to describe, analyze, and to interpret biological data in all their facets. Biostatistics also encompasses the preparation of studies (study design) that are conducted in a controlled experimental environment (e.g. clinical studies) as well as the analysis of observational studies in a non-controlled environment as, e.g., the effect of different factors on disease and health. Another essential task of biostatistics is analyzing biological data at molecular level (e.g. genomic data). With these fields of application biostatistics has established itself in all life sciences, especially in medicine and pharmacy.

Scientific Consilience
Scientific Consilience assists its customers in addressing all statistical challenges, especially also on study design. Having established an understanding of the task and the desired aims, Scientific Consilience performs the necessary analyses upon request and discusses the results with its customers.

The interdisciplinary team of Scientific Consilience has more than a decade of experience in statistical analysis of studies and data from different sources.

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