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Data Science

Data Science
The term data science reflects the circumstance that data are the object of scientific research in contrast to data structures, algorithms, and software as before in long-established scientific areas. Thus, data science goes far beyond, e.g., statistics or database design. The combination of domain knowledge, databases, and algorithms enables the creation of so-called data products that are built to address a particular type of problem. Typically, special business or medical/biological challenges are nowadays met by data driven studies with well-defined aims.

Scientific Consilience
Scientific Consilience supports its customers in employing data to create data products. Starting from initial understanding of the task over discussing the addressed aims as well as building the project design it guides its customers until finally the desired product has been created.

The interdisciplinary team of Scientific Consilience with its domain knowledge has more than a decade of experience in creating databases as well as in processing, analyzing, evaluating and visualizing biological and medical data - with all their peculiarities.

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