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Human Native and Reconstructed Skin Preparations for In Vitro Penetration and Permeation Studies

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Book Chapter


Percutaneous Penetration Enhancers Drug Penetration Into/Through the Skin: Methodology and General Considerations, Springer Berlin Heidelberg, Berlin, Heidelberg, p.185–203 (2017)





In vitro skin absorption studies are essential for dermal product development as well as in dermal risk assessment. This chapter introduces commonly used membranes for permeation and penetration studies, such as from human, animal, bioengineered, or artificial sources. In addition two basic types of experiments to investigate transdermal solute transport are discussed. In permeation studies, the substance transport through the skin is evaluated and systemic availability is addressed. In contrast penetration studies gain information on substance distribution in different skin layers, allowing the identification of substance depots in various skin layers. Furthermore, basic experimental setups for skin transport studies are addressed, e.g., finite and infinite dosing, vertical and horizontal diffusion cells, and static versus flow-through cells. Furthermore, the influence of fundamental experimental conditions on diffusion experiments, such as the choice of acceptor solution and temperature, are discussed.