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Transdermal Absorption

Considering surface area and weight the skin is one of our largest organs. One of its main functions is acting as a barrier and protecting the body from external insults like microorganisms and toxic substances. The skin is ideally suited to fulfil its purpose consisting of two layers: the epidermis and the dermis. Beneath the dermis lies the so called hypodermis or subcutaneous fatty tissue.

Barrier and obstacle
However, although this almost perfect structure facilitates us to live in an environment with harmful exposures and influences it is the main barrier to be passed for delivering active pharmaceutical substances to their domains. The slogan DDD (Drug, Device, Diagnostics) is inextricably linked with modern pharmaceutical industries. It reflects the fact that not only developing further drugs is the key for medical treatment of ill people but also the transport path for the substances must be considered. If borders like the human skin cannot be passed otherwise - not even with enhancers - medicines must be administered with the aid of (artificial) devices.

Out of virtuality into reality
Laboratory experiments for testing the passage of molecules or combinations thereof through human skin are very expensive. Furthermore, animal experiments are prohibited for cosmetics in the EU since 2013. Scientific Consilience supports pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries by its major service of modelling and predicting transdermal absorption. The principle out of virtuality into reality does not only reduce costs. Virtually revealed molecular or delivery system modifications are the key for new formulations.

Scientific Consilience
Using specialized computational models, Scientific Consilience predicts typical properties of putative drug compounds such as permeability coefficient and lag-time. In addition our approaches allow for estimating concentration-depth profiles in the skin and pharmocokinetics. Based on the results of the calculations we suggest molecular or delivery system modifications to optimize the transdermal absorption.

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